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Air Melted

IMC distributes the products from Remelt Sources, Cleveland, USA.

As well as their two 5T induction furnaces with argon protection, Remelt Sources uses refining technology with vacuum oxygen decarburisation, or 'VOD'. The alloys are produced in the form of bars or ingots with continuous casting.

Remelt Sources develop a wide variety of important alloys. Among others, these include:

Cobalt-based alloys Co-21 X-45 FSX-414 F75
Nickel-based alloys N-155      
Stainless steel alloys 316/316L série 300 17-4PH  

Remet Sources is an ISO 9001-certified company; its laboratory has been NADCAP and ISO/IEC 17025 accreditations.

Remelt Sources alloys are used around the world by foundries requiring high-quality products. They are most notably used for applications in the medical, energy and automobile sector.

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