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Industrial Marketing Corporation S.A., IMC is a key distributor of equipment and consumables – raw materials – to precision casting foundries all over Europe since 1985.
We offer to the precision casting foundries a wide range of products including: Consumables, Alloys, Equipment, and Services

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With IMC, you are guaranteed a high quality and reliable service. Our help ensures that your precision investment casting processes will produce perfect parts. As we know, running a precision foundry is a challenging day-to-day job. Technical support is always welcome, so don’t hesitate to contact us! You will benefit from our extensive experience in investment casting. We’ll be happy to work with you and answer your questions about equipment, raw materials and the best practices to apply at the different stages of the process.


Aerospace and aircraft industries

Medical industry

Automotive industry

Commercial industry

Gaz turbine industries

High-quality raw materials and accessory equipment for the lost wax investment casting, meeting each customer’s specific requirements.

  • You can count on our motivated multilingual team for a speedy response to all your requests for information, quotation, delivery, or assistance.
  • Based on our extensive experience working with long-time customers and suppliers in the sector we feel that we can offer you tailored support and solutions.
  • We manage for you 2 warehouses.
  • 40 years of experience in a family business.

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We are happy to work with you and answer your queries about equipment, as well as raw and processed materials for lost wax casting.

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