We offer an extensive set of metal filtration products, made by ASK Chemicals Hi-Tech, the metal filtration arm of ASK Chemicals®. Our standard portfolio consists in reticulated ceramic foam filters made of zirconia or alumina.

We offer two varieties of reticulated ceramic foam filters specifically designed for the investment casting industry:

EXACTFLO® is made of alumina.

Advantages of EXACTFLO® Investment Casting Filters:

  • Highly robust, recommended for high-temperature alloys and/or heavy castings
  • Engineered to ensure consistency
  • Reduces trapped gas

The above two types of filters meet the high level of quality required for casting ferrous and non-ferrous metals for the aerospace, energy, space, and medical sectors, as well as for commercial applications.

We can supply standard filters with anything from 10 ppi to 65 ppi, as well as filters customized to your casting process.

UDICELL® is made of zirconia:

Advantages of UDICELL® Investment Casting Filters:

  • Capture of non-metallic inclusions to improve casting properties
  • Reduction in molten metal turbulence and trapped gas

ASK Chemicals is at the forefront of casting innovation; their latest development consists of a customizable 3D filter: the EXACTPORE® 3D filter that offers new and more efficient filtration options for the highest casting quality.

EXACTPORE® 3D filters protect against filter bits by utilizing an engineered structural design capable of limitless shapes. In addition, this optimized structure offers nearly perfect pore sizes.

Advantages of EXACTPORE® 3D filters:

  • Increase in productivity through improved flow rates and consistent capacity of the filters
  • Almost limitless design possibilities
  • Reduced filter-bits and great inclusion capturing benefits prevent contamination of the melt

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