Specialty Waxes

A full range of specialist wax products are included within the range.

Adhesive WaxA range of products for the assembly of pattern parts either by hand or by automated equipment.
Repair WaxBoth hard and soft patching wax materials are available for the repair of patterns and for sealing assemblies.
Dip Seal WaxFor infill and sealing ceramic cores, improving the surface finish and alleviating core cracking.
Sculpture WaxSpecialist sculpture wax materials are available for use in the art foundry setting with silicone moulds. These materials replicate the intricate details required with additional recycled materials available for backup coats.
Jewellery WaxWith good flow and high strength properties able to reproduce intricate details.
Machining WaxFor rapid prototyping and the production of proofing patterns.
Flexible RodsFor use in strengthening or venting wax assemblies.
3D Printing WaxFor rapid prototyping and low-volume production runs.

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