Conveying and Drying Systems

We can provide custom conveyor solutions from engineering to installation. Our conveyor systems are proven in the foundry industry and deliver constant reliable performance at an affordable cost.

Shell-O-Matic® conveyors feature:

  • Many conveyor options are available, to meet your load requirement.
  • Customized to match your space constraint.
  • Turnkey installation all over the world.

The drying system is a critical component of the shell-building equipment.
Its design involves a fine line between shell fast drying to ensure maximum productivity and respecting a minimum shell drying time to avoid shell cracking while allowing the slurry polymers to properly reticulate.

Our experts can assist you selecting the proper drying system for you, from simple open-air conveyors to enclosed conveyor tunnels, with the environment, rotating hangers, adjustable fan speed, and position. We can also integrate advanced drying techniques using infrared or microwaves as an example. We can provide you with a turnkey solution from system engineering to installation and training.

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