Dewaxing Equipment

We can offer you fully automatic steam autoclaves in different standard sizes; special sizes can also be provided on demand.

Our dewaxing autoclaves feature:

  • fast pressure generation up to 10 bar in the process vessel guarantees a gentle dewaxing of the shell – the surface will melt before the wax is able to expand.
  • the SPS control and the touch screen enable uncomplicated and largely automated handling of the system.
  • quick and easy feeding of the autoclave.
  • vibration- and shock-free mould handling.
  • perfect documentation of the whole dewaxing process for any cycle.
  • maintenance and servicing may be adjusted optimally.

Advantages of using our dewaxing autoclaves:

  • Smooth and clean operation
  • Reduced shell cracks.
  • Highest safety standards
  • Long lifetime & low operational costs

Additionally, IMC can provide consumables for maintenance and servicing.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.