Wax and Ceramic Injectors, Optional Equipment – MPI®

We offer highly sophisticated wax and ceramic injection machines that feature real-time monitoring and control of all injection parameters. Our wax melting and conditioning technology maintains a constant wax viscosity which produces consistent wax patterns.

A large variety of optional features can be added to the basic machine configuration to meet your specific needs and demands for productivity, control, quality, and patterns traceability.

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Wax Injectors

Wax Injector, 4 Post
MPI 35 series, 100, 200
and 300 US tons clamp force

Automatic, Horizontal C-Frame
MPI 45 series, 12
and 25 US tons clamp force

Semi-automatic, C-Frame
MPI 55 series, 25, 50
and 100 US tons clamp force

Industrial Gas Turbine, C-Frame
MPI 55 IGT, 50
and 100 US tons clamp force

Semi-Automatic, Two-Station
MPI 105-12,
Two 12 US tons clamping units

Ceramic injector

Semi-Automatic, C-Frame
MPI 56 series, 25, 38, 50
or 100 US tons clamp force

Process control

Process Vision
Graphing Unit
MPI 20-20

Wax melter

Direct Melter
MPI 97 series, 50
or 200 lb/hr melt capacity

Wax preparation and transfer unit
MPI 95-25 series,
50 or 200 lb/hr melt capacity.

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