Aquaflame® machines are ideal for use in investment casting wax rooms for several jointing and cleaning-up operations. The use of a hydrogen torch allows a cleaner wax assembly, leading to a reduction of inclusions in cast parts.

The Aquaflame® system can perform the following tasks:

  • Jointing small to medium-sized parts
  • Creates smooth radial joints that promote a smooth flow of metal during casting
  • Clean up of wax assembly after jointing to fill in holes, undercuts, and smooth out rough areas.
  • Eliminate or smooth out mould lines
  • Ideal for use with sticky wax where undercuts may remain.
  • Easy to access intricate parts of the runner system without damaging wax patterns

Advantages of the use of a flame to joint or clean up wax assemblies.

  • Generates little smoke: it melts the wax rather than burns it, thus creating an improved wax room environment.
  • Precise and controllable: quicker, easier, and more effective than a “hot knife” or “hot spatula”
  • Different tips are available to make the flame smaller or larger depending on the task in hand.
  • Extended nozzles available to allow access into more intricate or delicate areas.
  • Available as 1 or 2 user stations machine
SpecificationModel 500Model 800Model 1200
Gas Production Ratio (l/hr)75120240
Water Consumption (ml/day)3050100
Max Operating Temperature (°C)330330330
Max Flame Tip Size (mm)0.600.901.0
Dimensions of Unit (mm)400 x 200 x 300400 x 280 x 370440 x 320 x 395
Weight (kg)183349
Capacity1 operatorc4 operators

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