Ceramic 3D Printers

IMC can provided ceramic 3D Printer via his partner Lithoz’®. Lithoz’® 3D printers are based on the LCM technology, which is the industrial standard technology in high-end markets including aerospace, industrial and medical. The 3D printers deliver quality, precision and reliability needed in serial production. Customers can benefit from a variety of outstanding materials ranging from alumina, zirconia, silicon nitride, silica-based for casting-core applications through medical grade bioceramics.

Lithoz® offers application and material development to customers. The company’s world-class expertise has been a decisive success factor for meeting and exceeding market requirements and developing customer-specific product solutions around the world, reaching out as far as Brazil and Australia. Since 2016, Lithoz® has also been ISO 9001-2015 certified.

If you’re looking for something more specific?

IMC will happily supply equipment tailor-made to your exact requirements. Contact us for further information.