Of course, at IMC we continue and will continue to offer high-quality binders from other suppliers.

Levasil® is produced by NOURYON and is available in the following grades:

Type & Typical ValueCS30-416PFX 300FX 4063
Concentration30 %30 %30 %
Na2O content0,17 %0,35 %0,3 %
Specific gravity1.205 g/cm³1.208 g/cm³1.181 g/cm³
Viscositymax. 5 mPA-Smax. 7 mPA-Smax. 7 mPA-S
Storage stability18 months18 months12 months

LEVASIL® is available in 1,250-kilogram IBC containers.

IMC distributes ready-to-use-hydrolyzed Silester® AR and Silester® XAR binders from Wacker Chemie.

With their unique formulation, these binders give superior stability to your shells.

PropertiesSilester® ARSilester® XAR
Specific gravity (20°C)0,92 g/cm³0,92 g/cm³
SiO2 content20 % w/w20 % w/w
H2SO4 acidity0,07 % w/w0,07 % w/w
Flash point< 21 C°< 21 C°
Freezing point<-70 C°<-70 C°
Shelf life6 months9 months

Silester® AR and Silester® XAR binders are available in 850-kilogram IBC containers.

We also supply Wacker TES40® WN binder: an ethyl silicate providing approximately 41% silicon dioxide (SiO2) upon complete hydrolysis.

PropertiesSilicate TES 40 WN
Specific gravity (20°C)Approx. 1,06 g/cm³
SiO2 contentApprox. 41 % w/w
Acidity (ppm HcL)Max. 10
Flash point> 62 °C
Shelf life36 months

TES40 WN is available in 1,000-kilogram IBC containers and in 15-ton tanks.

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