Pouring cups, mould support rods and vent plugs

IMC and Metsch Refractories Inc. ® (MRI) have been long-time partners. We distribute MRI® Ceramic Products for Investment Casting Moulds.

Pouring cupsRodsLidsVent plugs
MRI#144 mulliteMRI#200 mullite hybridMRI#212 mullite – silica hybridMRI#218 mullite
MRI#219 mullite – silicaMRI#217 alumina (83%)
MRI#237 alumina - mullite

Our team is at your service, to help you determine the most appropriate material for your specific application. If an MRI® standard pouring cup does not fit your need, we will assist in the custom design and manufacture of the specific cup required; in this case, we will create a custom tooling that will remain our customer’s property.

Lanik® Holding s.r.o. acquires Metsch Refractories Inc.®, Expanding the Lanik Group of Companies with Lanik®’s Initial US Acquisition. Metsch Refractories® will continue operations in Chester, WV with no changes in staff or operations, in fact, continuing the recruitment and hiring of new employees; however, Lanik® USA will be assessing the potential expansion of WV operations with a view to take advantage of and expand on the synergies presented by the two companies joining together, as well as considering further complementary acquisitions in the US.

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