Refractory flours and sands

The selection of refractory materials must consider precise and complex criteria into consideration, such as thermal expansion, thermal conductivity, permeability, alloy reactivity, particle size distribution, and ease of shell removal.

As a notable distributor for Continental Mineral®, Imerys®, 3M®, and Washington Mills® products, IMC offers a wide range of refractory products:

Refractory MaterialsFloursSands
ZirconCalcined Zircon 200 mesh, 325 mesh, and 400MeshCalcined Zircon 108-112 AFS grade
Fused Silica120F/200F/325F/WDS2/WDS330/50-50/100
Mulgrain – Mulcoa 47/60All grades availableAll grades available
Alumino Silicate-120 and -200Mesh16-30 and 30-80
Tabular AluminaAll grades availableAll grades available
Zirconia, Yttria / Calcia StabilizedAll grades availableAll grades available
Fused MulliteAll grades availableAll grades available
White Fused AluminaAll grades availableAll grades available
Shot Blasting Materials: Brown (Blastite) and White (Duralum) Fused Aluminium OxideAll available grades

IMC’s technical team, assisted by our suppliers’ technical support, is always ready to help you and your research & development department to determine the refractory system that best meets your needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Virgin Wax and Recycled Wax