Liners and Backup Crucibles

IMC has everything you will ever need in the way of single-use crucibles or ‘liners’, whether they are made of silica, alumina, or zircon.

The one-shot liners are used only once and replaced after every use. The complete system comprises a single-use one-shot liner that is placed in a reusable outer crucible, the backup crucible.

Advantages of using one-shot liners:

  • Clean melting technology
  • Inclusions are drastically reduced which will directly reduce rework and scrap costs
  • No risk of cross-contamination of alloys, as the liner is only used once

Determining the materials and the sizes of your liners is not the easiest task.

Type – Typical AnalysisAluminaSilica
Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) %36368080866666
Aluminum Oxide (AL2O3) %63631818133333
Zirconium Dioxide (ZrO2) %------
Lead (Pb) Ppm<25<25<25<25n/a<25<25
Bismuth (Bi) Ppm<1<1<1n/a<1<1
Physical Properties
Modulus of Rupture MPa13.817.
Bulk Density kg/m³2510256018301840186019702000
Apparent Porosity %17162423212423

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