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For your help in the wax room, IMC represent the products from Aquaflame

Aquaflame machines are ideal for use in Investment casting wax rooms for several jointing and cleaning up operations. Use of a hydrogen torch allows a cleaner wax assembly leading to a reduction of inclusions in cast parts.

Aquaflame can perform the following tasks:


  • Jointing small to medium sized parts
  • Creates smooth radial joints that promote smooth flow of metal during casting
  • Clean up of wax assembly after jointing to fill in holes, undercuts and smooth out rough areas.
  • Eliminate or smooth out mold lines
  • Ideal for use with Sticky wax where undercuts may remain.
  • Easy to access intricate parts of the runner system without damaging wax parts
  • Significantly less smoke than hot knives or spatulas - this leading to a cleaner safer wax room environment.
  • Different tips available to make the flame smaller or larger depending on the task in hand.
  • Extended nozzles available to allow access into more intricate or delicate areas.
  • Available as 1 or 2 station user machines