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Injection, assembly & automation equipments

IMC is the distributor for MPI Systems, Inc, MPI Systems, Inc. a world leader in injection presses for wax and ceramics. The injection presses are configured to respond to your specific needs and demands for productivity, control, quality and traceability of injected pieces.

Wax Injectors MPI 35
4 Post Wax Injector (Semi-Automatic)
  MPI 45
Automatic, Horizontal Wax Injector
  MPI 55
C-Frame Wax Injector (Semi-Automatic)
  MPI 55 IGT, Industrial Gas Turbine
C-Frame Wax Injector (Semi-Automatic)
  MPI 105-12
Two-Station Wax Injector
Ceramic Injectors Model 56
C-Frame Ceramic (Semi-Automatic)
Wax Melters Model 97
Wax Melting Unit
Wax preparation and transfer unit Model 95
Wax Preparation and Transfer Unit
Process Control Model 20-20
Process Vision
Smart Controls MPI Smart Controls V2
Control Your Injection Process with a Touch Screen OIT
Automation MPI 20-06
Automated Injection Cell
  MPI 20-14
Automated Pattern Assembly System (APAS)
  • Wax equipment for foundry
  • Wax Injectors
  • Ceramic Injectors
  • Lost wax equipment
  • Wax Melters
  • Injection equipments for precision casting