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Pouring cups, mold support rods and vent plugs

IMC distributes products from  Metsch Refractories Inc. (MRI).

The materials used by MRI, categorised by product, are:

Pouring cups Rods Lids Vent plugs
MRI#144 mullite MRI#200 mullite hybride MRI#212 mullite – silice hybride MRI#218 mullite
MRI#219 mullite – silice MRI#217 alumine (83%)    
MRI#237 alumine - mullite      

Our team is at your service, to help you determine the most appropriate material for your specific needs. The casting funnels selected will be based on standard models developed by MRI, or products using a custom tool that remains the property of the client.

For further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Pouring cups
  • Mold support rod
  • Vent plugs