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“Engineered Shell Programs”

Engineered Shell Programs IMC distributes the Nalco Water products in Europe. We offer innovative Engineered Shell Programs and on-site service to help maximize the profitability for your investment casting foundry. Nalco Water's investment casting product line includes:

  • Silice colloidal binders
  • Engineered Shell Systems: Faster Dry times, Fewer Dips, less shell cracking, Improved casting surface finish, Optimized Total Cost of Operation
  • Other process aids including wetting agents, antifoams and biocides

In addition to this extensive product list, we can provide service and support to improve your shell room operation. These capabilities include:

  • On-site consulting and Continuous Process Improvement
  • Process Control optimization

Colloidal silica

IMC provides LEVASIL® in 1,250-kilogram IBC containers. Levasil is produced by AkzoNobel and is available in the following grades:

Type 200A/30% 300/30% 4063
Concentration 30 % 30 % 30 %
Na2O content 0,17 % 0,35 % 0,3 %
Specific gravity 1.205 g/cm³ 1.208 g/cm³ 1.181 g/cm³
Viscosity max. 5 mPA-S max. 7 mPA-S max. 7 mPA-S
Storage stability 18 months 18 months 12 months

Ethyl silicate

IMC distributes ready-to-use pre-hydrolysed Silester® AR and Silester® XAR binders from Wacker Chemie. With their unique formulation, they give superior stability. Silester® AR and Silester® XAR binders are available in 850-kilogram IBC containers.

Properties Silester® AR Silester® XAR
Specific gravity (20°C) 0,92 g/cm³ 0,92 g/cm³
SiO2 content 20 % w/w 20 % w/w
H2SO4 acidity 0,07 % w/w 0,07 % w/w
Solvent Ethanol Ethanol/2-Propanol
Flash point < 21 C° < 21 C°
Freezing point <-70 C° <-70 C°
Shelf life 6 months 9 months

Wacker® TES40 WN binder is an ethyl silicate providing approximately 41% silicon dioxide (SiO2) upon complete hydrolysis. TES40 WN is available in 1,000-kilogram IBC containers and a 15-ton tank.

Properties Silicate TES 40 WN
Specific gravity (20°C) Approx. 1,06 g/cm³
SiO2 content Approx. 41 % w/w
Acidity (ppm HcL) Max. 10
Flash point > 62 °C
Shelf life 36 months