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Degreasing and demoulding for models

Trisol 60 Plus is a degreaser for models that allows optimal adherence of the first coat during dipping. Compared to traditional solvents, Trisol 60 Plus is environmentally-friendly.


  • Excellent cleaning and rinsing properties.
  • Able to be diluted and flushed with water.
  • Free of harmful aromatics.
  • Does not damage the ozone layer.
  • No odour.
Degreasing and demoulding for models

Blayson also offers demoulding agents specially conceived to assist in demoulding wax pieces:

  • Blaysil 200 silicon (as a spray);
  • MRA 250 non-silicon (loose).

For more information about our degreasing and demoulding for models, contact us by phone (+32 2 675 34 60) or fill in our contact form.