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Model waxes

Unfilled waxes

The majority of model waxes are a mixture of petroleum-derived waxes (paraffin and micro-crystalline waxes) and resins and additives.

Paraffin wax Influences the control of the injection temperature.
Microcrystalline wax Influences the flow, hardness and resistance of model waxes.
  Selection based on melting point and hardness.
Resins Assist in mitigating shrinking during solidification.
  Influence solidity, rigidity, hardness and bonding ability.
  Natural (derived from pine, petroleum or tar), or synthetic.
Additives Vegetable waxes (natural).
  Polyethylene resins that improve the characteristics and the viscosity.

Filled waxes

Filled model waxes are a mixture of unfilled waxes and filled waxes, most notably polystyrene or isophthalic acid.

Whether filled or unfilled, model waxes need to meet certain criteria for their:

  • thermal conductivity;
  • surface appearance;
  • hardness;
  • ductility;
  • ash content;
  • softening point;
  • injection temperature;
  • mechanical resistance;
  • dimensional stability;
  • viscosity;
  • releasability;
  • removability;
  • compatibility with grout.

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