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The mission of the Industrial Marketing Corporation (IMC) is simple: we believe it is our responsibility to reliably supply high quality products and advice to every lost wax foundry across continental Europe. IMC offers the most complete range of products required to create high-quality moulded pieces. Our products are selected based on quality criteria that ensure they meet the specific demands of our clients.

IMC offers a tailored service with technical, commercial and logistic quality controls. Thanks to the professionalism of our multi-lingual team (French, Dutch, English, German, Italian and Spanish), IMC maintains close and regular contact with all our clients. When you come to IMC, you benefit from our extensive expertise in the provision of materials and equipment for lost-wax casting.

IMC is an independent family business based in Brussels, in the centre of Europe. At IMC, we work with you, our clients and partners, to ensure your every question relating to equipment and lost-wax casting procedures is answered in full.

Our goal is to develop long-term partnerships with our clients and to challenge our suppliers to offer a level of quality that is constantly improving. At IMC, we are highly attentive to the evolution of technology for influencing and advancing lost-wax casting.

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