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Vacuum Melted

Look no further than IMC for products from the IHI Master Metal Co. Ltd (IMM). Located in Aioi, Japan, IMM is a subsidiary of the IHI Corporation. Since 1973, the company has built a worldwide reputation for producing vacuum-cast superalloys of superior quality.

IMM uses two vacuum furnaces (5T and 6T) and supplies GE, Pratt & Whitney and Rolls Royce.

IMM alloys are used by a growing number of foundries for the most demanding clients in the aeronautic, energy and automobile sectors.

Examples of alloys typically produced by IMM include:

IN718 IN939 MarM509 GMR235 Rene41 Rene142  
IN713 IN625 MarM247 HastelloyX Rene77 Nimonic80 B1914
IN738 IN100 Mar M245 FSX414 Rene80    

IMM is an ISO 9001:2008- and JIS 9100:2009-certified company, while its laboratory, most notably equipped with a GDMS VG9000 spectrometer, has received NADCAP and ISO/IEC 17025 accreditations.

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