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Products for high quality shell molding

A good procedure for casting lost wax also calls for quality raw materials, as well as high-performance accessories. At IMC, you'll find all the accessories you need! From casting funnels and ceramic foam filters to ceramic tubes and stoppers, as well as crucibles and binders, you'll find everything you need at IMC.

Make the most of our high-quality materials and top-of-the-range accessories to create wax pieces that set new standards. Our funnels, filters, tubes and stoppers, not to mention our crucibles and binders, are available in a variety of materials and dimensions.

Are you looking for advice on the most appropriate accessories for your needs? The experienced IMC team is at your service. With our assistance, you can be sure you're choosing materials perfect for you and your every need.

Binders, Refractory Flours and Sands, Additifves... Contact us! to order have the best accessories on the market!

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